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Rogfast (from "Rogaland fast forbindelse", "Rogaland fixed connection") is a planned sub-sea northward tunnel between Randaberg near Stavanger and Bokn in Rogaland, Norway.

The tunnel is planned as a 27 km connection below the Boknafjord and Kvitsøfjord. A connection to Kvitsøy will be added. The project will be a world record with respect to length and maximum depth (390 m below sea level). The cost of the project is calculated to be NOK 13.8 billion, meaning 1.62 billion.[1] The project has been approved by the by the Norwegian parliament, and the planned construction start is planned for 2015 and finished in 2023.[2]

This will be a part of the main road E39 on the link KristiansandStavangerHaugesundBergen.


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Coordinates: 59°04′26″N 5°27′19″E / 59.07389°N 5.45528°E / 59.07389; 5.45528