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Rohit K. Vyasmaan (born August 20, 1970 in New Delhi, India) is the head of the American branch of Hindu youth organisation Bajrang Dal. His younger brother was allegedly killed in a riot in India in 1992. He moved to the United States with his family when he was thirteen years old, and now lives in Flushing, Queens.[1]

Professionally RK Vyasmaan holds a degree in Chemical Engineering. He is also linked to the Jewish Kach and Kahanist movements as well as Hindu-Jewish Unity movement.[2] His website has been blocked by India's largest ISPs on the orders of the Mumbai Chief of Police[2] and Outlook India calls it "The most rabid website ... complete with a "hit list" of all the enemies of Hinduism and their dripping blood",[3] while Tehelka says it contains "Very obvious hate speech".[4]

RK Vyasmaan along with his associates Raj Malhotra and Sanjay Shah were allegedly expelled from Bajrang Dal India in 1993. Contrary to the press reports Hindu Unity, the official website of Bajrang Dal is not run by RK Vyasmaan. As of 2001, the website listed Sanjay Sharma of New Delhi as its president. Vyasmaan is not involved in the running of the website.

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