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Roketsan A.Ş.
Type A.Ş.
Industry Defense
Founded 1988, Ankara
Headquarters Ankara, Turkey
Key people Selçuk Yaşar
(General Manager)
Products Rocket
Peripheral test
Simulation systems
Revenue Increase Turkish lira symbol black.svg 872.163 million (2013)[2]
Employees > 1.400[3]

Roketsan is a major Turkish weapons manufacturer and defense contractor based in the central Anatolian province of Ankara. Incorporated in 1988 by Turkey's Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) in order to establish the nation's industrial base on rocket technology, the company has quickly risen to become one of Turkey's top 500 industrial establishments. Roketsan's current share holders include TSKGV (35.5%), Aselsan (15%), MKEK (15%), Kalekalıp (10%), Vakıflar Bankası (10%), Kutlutaş (10%) and Havelsan (4.5%). Roketsan is best known for its vast range of unguided rockets as well as laser and infrared guided missiles such as Cirit and UMTAS. The company also produces subsystems for Stinger and Rapier missiles and provides technology and engineering solutions for other integrated civilian and military platforms.

In 2013 Turkey approved the construction by Roketsan of its first satellite launching center, initially for low earth orbit satellites.[4]


Roketsan signed a contract in 2013 to build the project of the national UFS Space Launch System.[5]


Missiles and Rockets[edit]


  • 155 mm Modern Equipment %30 increase in the range and uniform distribution are achieved by the decrease in the aerodynamic drag coefficient caused by the base bleeding unit during flight.

Naval System[edit]

  • Submarine Defense War (DSH) Rocket and Launcher System
  • Missile launcher for the production.Naval Strike Missile

Ballistic Protection Systems[edit]

  • RZP-10 ROKETSAN Fragmentation Shield
  • RZK-7 Roketsan Cage Armor
  • RZB-20 Roketsan Armor Block
  • Ballistic Protection Center (BPC) Project

Turn Key Facilities[edit]

  • Munition Disposal Facility (MAAT)
  • Air Bag Project “Booster Bag” used in airbag systems by ARC Automotive Company /U.S.A.produced by ROKETSAN.
  • Ammunition Surveillance Facility (MIGYEM)

Enviromental Conditions Tests And Other Tests[edit]

  • Ambient Conditions Tests
  • Flight Tests, War Head and Firing Tests and Static Firing Tests


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