Rokk í Reykjavík

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Rokk í Reykjavík
Rokk í Reykjavík (VHS front cover).jpg
Directed by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson
Produced by Hugrenningur
Starring Several Icelandic bands
Music by Various
Distributed by Íslenska kvikmyndasamsteypan
Release date(s) April 1982 (Iceland only)
Running time 83 min
Language Icelandic

Rokk í Reykjavík (About this sound pronunciation ) is a documentary directed by Icelandic Friðrik Þór Friðriksson during the Icelandic winter of 1981-1982 and released for the local television the same year.
With this documentary, Friðriksson showcases the alternative music scene through several performances of the post-punk/new wave most important bands at that time taken from different concerts and accompanied by, some times, short interviews with musicians, and it portrays the lifestyle of the Icelandic youth faced to the establishment and advocated to anarchy, who were trying to find their own identity.

Rokk í Reykjavík is today considered as one of the most important documentaries about the Icelandic music culture and it included several important bands. For instance, Tappi Tíkarrass, a punk/pop band led by vocalist Björk Guðmundsdóttir contributed with two of their works: “Hrollur” and “Dúkkulísur”. The New Wave band Þeyr, today considered as one of the legendary Iceland bands of the early eighties, is featured here with their songs “Rúdolf” and “Killer Boogie”.
It is also worth of mentioning, the presence of Einar Örn Benediktsson’s punk group Purrkur Pillnikk, which appeared with two tracks: “Ovænt” and “Gluggagægir”.
Other important artists featured here are Bubbi Morthens with his band Egó, Fræbbblarnir, Grýlurnar, and the renowned Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson with his chanting poem “Rímur”, among others.

As this film was the first Icelandic work in Dolby Stereo, it brought innovation to the Icelandic film industry. With Íslenska kvikmyndasamsteypan as the distributor, Rokk í Reykjavík was released in VHS format. The soundtrack to this film was released as a double LP compilation by Hugrenningur in April 1982.

The image cover for this release depicts singer Björk from (at that moment) Tappi Tíkarrass on stage.

In July 2008 the movie was released on DVD by Sena (Iceland only) [1].


Track Title Length Artist
01 Ó Reykjavík 02:25 Vonbrigði
02 Sieg Heil 01:10 Egó
03 Gotta Go 01:45 Fræbbblarnir
04 Óvænt 01:07 Purrkur Pillnikk
05 Rúdolf 02:49 Þeyr
06 Creeps 01:48 Q4U
07 Breyttir Tímar 02:20 Egó
08 Where are the Bodies 05:08 Bodies
09 Hrollur 02:25 Tappi Tíkarrass
10 Moving Up to a Motion 03:15 Baraflokkurinn
11 Talandi Höfuð 02:55 Spilafífl
12 Í Speglinum 03:25 Þursaflokkurinn
13 Í Kirkju 02:42 Friðryk
14 Lífið og Tilveran 03:25 Start
15 Gullúrið 03:10 Grýlurnar
16 Sat ég Inni á Kleppi 03:42 Egó
17 Gluggagægir 03:00 Purrkur Pillnikk
18 Dúkkulísur 02:40 Tappi Tíkarrass
19 Bereft 03:18 Mogo Homo
20 Hver er svo sekur? 02:35 Jonee Jonee
21 Killer Boogie 02:45 Þeyr
22 Kick Us Out of the Country 01:55 Bodies
23 Af Því Pabbi Vildi Það 01:43 Jonee Jonee
24 Í Nótt 01:48 Fræbbblarnir
25 Guðfræði 03:00 Vonbrigði
26 Stórir Strákar 02:40 Egó
27 Gonna Get You 01:26 Q4U
28 Toys 01:57 Q4U
29 Lollipops 02:50 Sjálfsfróun
30 Antichrist 01:10 Sjálfsfróun
31 Sjálfsfróun 01:30 Sjálfsfróun
32 Af Litlum Neista Verður Mikið Mál 02:30 Bruni BB
33 Rímur 02:00 Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson



Direction: Friðrik Þór Friðriksson.
Cinematography and lightning: Ari Kristinsson.
Other shooting personnel: Árni Páll Jóhannsson, Baldur Hrafnkell Jónsson, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, Jón Karl Helgason, Magnús Magnússon, Peter Auspin, Richard Crowe, Sigurður Grímsson, Sigurður Snæberg Jónsson, Sigurjón Sighvatsson, Vilhjálmur Knudsen and Þorgeir Gunnarsson.
Recording engineers from Þursabit recording studio: Júlíus Agnarsson, Tómas Magnús Tómasson, Þórður Árnason.
Sound: Jón Karl Helgason.
Edition: Ari Kristinsson, Kristín Pálsdóttir, Peter Auspin, Richard Crowe, Sigurður Grímsson, Sigurður Jón Ólafsson, Sigurður Snæberg Jónsson.
Executive board: Þorgeir Gunnarsson.
Mixing: Alan Snelling, Þórður Árnason.
Sound production: Anvil Studios, Abbey Road, London.
Video production: Johan Ankerstjerne a/s, Kaupmannahöfn.
Distributor: Íslenska kvikmyndasamsteypan.

Soundtrack: Title: Rokk í Reykjavík. Label: Hugrenningur in 1982. Reissue: in 1993 by Bad Taste.

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