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Rolan Antonovich Bykov (Ukrainian: Рола́н Анто́нович Би́ков, Rolan Antonovych Bykov; Russian: Рола́н Анто́нович Бы́ков; November 12, 1929, Kiev – October 6, 1998, Moscow) was a Soviet and Russian actor, film director, script writer, poet, song writer. He was awarded People's Artist of the RSFSR in 1973 and the USSR State Prize in 1986.

Rolan Bykov was born to a Jewish family in Kiev.[citation needed]

He was born Rolan Antonovich Bykov, but in his official documents the name consistently was, following an official's mistake in 1946,[citation needed] misspelt as Roland Anatolyevich (a patronymic from a different name; Bykov's father was Anton and not Anatoly). As an actor, however, he always was called Rolan Bykov and never Roland.

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