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For other people named Roland Green, see Roland Green (disambiguation).
Roland James Green
Born (1944-09-02) September 2, 1944 (age 70)
Bradford, Pennsylvania
Occupation Author
Nationality United States
Genre Science fiction, fantasy
Spouse Frieda A. Murray (1975-)

Roland James Green (born September 2, 1944 in Bradford, Pennsylvania) is an American science fiction and fantasy writer and editor. He has written as Roland Green and Roland J. Green; and had 28 books in the Richard Blade series published under the pen name 'Jeffrey Lord'.

Early life and personal matters[edit]

Green was born in Bradford, Pennsylvania, in 1944. A resident of Michigan since 1947, he was graduated from Ypsilanti High School in Ypsilanti in 1962. He received a B.A. from Oberlin College in 1966 in Political Science, then moved to Chicago to attend the University of Chicago from which he received an MA in International Politics in 1968. While there, he became active in science fiction fandom and in the Society for Creative Anachronism (under the persona "Roland de Tour Gris"[1]). He married fellow writer Frieda A. Murray in 1975; their one daughter Violette Y. Green was born in 1984.[2]

Professional career[edit]

Green has worked as a full-time writer and reviewer most of the time since he sold his first novel, Wandor's Ride, in 1973. While his earliest published novels were the "Wandor" sword and sorcery series, Green's most prominent works are his military action adventures of the future, including the Starcruiser Shenandoah series, the Peace Company series, and Voyage to Eneh (2003). He has also written a number of Conan novels published by Tor Books and has co-authored several novels as well. He pseudonymously wrote all but one of the Richard Blade series books from number 9 up to the end of the series.


Wandor series[edit]

  • Wandor's Ride (1973)
  • Wandor's Journey (1975)
  • Wandor's Voyage (1979)
  • Wandor's Flight (1981)

Conan (shared universe)[edit]

Dragonlance Warriors (shared universe)[edit]

  • Knights of the Crown (1995)
  • Knights of the Sword (1995)
  • Knights of the Rose (1996)
  • The Wayward Knights (1997)

Peace Company[edit]

  • Peace Company (1985)
  • These Green Foreign Hills (1987)
  • The Mountain Walks (1989)

Starcruiser Shenandoah[edit]

  • Squadron Alert (1989)
  • Division of the Spoils (1990)
  • The Sum of Things (1991)
  • Vain Command (1992)
  • The Painful Field (1993)
  • Warriors for the Working Day (1994)

Janissaries series[edit]

Richard Blade series[edit]

Green wrote books 9-29, 31-37 of the Richard Blade series (as by "Jeffrey Lord"). The series was published by Pinnacle Books using the house pseudonym.

Other novels[edit]



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