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Roland Wilhelm Vermehren Stevenson (August 15, 1932) is a Chilean researcher, explorer and artist who now lives in Manaus, Brazil. His father was German and his mother American. In 1964 came with his family to Brazil, where has been living ever since.
Roland Stevenson publisheed books and have created many wonderful paintings, always showing the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest and its natives.
He spent many years of his life studying the mysteries of the Eldorado (finding the location of the extinct lake Parime as shown at the book "A Light on Amazonian Misteries") and the origin of the primitive men of the Americas, presenting a new theory linking all natives in South and North America to the primitive Asian indigenous (at the book "Rethinking Our Pre History"). Also a descendant of Johannes Vermeer, whose his last name "Vermehren" came from.

Self Portrait


A Light on Amazonian Misteries
Rethinking Our Pre History



  • "Vitória Alada" - Milan, Italy, 1993
  • "Gabriela Mistral", Chile, 1993
  • "Gold Book Award" (1st) Associacion North American Directory Publishers (Anadap)

Brazilian Awards

  • "Brasil Trophy" Award Manaus/AM, Brazil,1996
  • SUFRAMA Award of Art (1st) Manaus/AM, Brazil, 1989
  • SUFRAMA Award of History (Etno Artistic View) Manaus/AM, Brazil, 1989
  • "Baiacu de Ouro" Award Manaus/AM, Brazil, 1988
  • Golden Medal at the "III Salão Curupira Associação Amazonense de Artistas Plásticos" Manaus/AM, Brazil, 1988
  • SUFRAMA Award of Art(1st) Manaus, 1984
  • Artist of The Year at the "Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Amazonas" Manaus/AM, Brazil, 1980
  • Golden Medal and Trophy of Best Work Collection at the "I Salão Aberto "Luis Naranjo Cuadra" Manaus/AM, Brazil, 1979
  • National Trophy Lions Club(1st) Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil, 1977