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Rolla Nordic (born c. 1900, date of death unknown)[1][2] was a Witch and designer of tarot cards. She had several books published, including Tarot Shows the Path in 1961,[3] and she also appeared on several television shows.

Nordic was one of the early claimants to come from a Hereditary Witchcraft family, claiming to have been initiated into the Celtic tradition by her grandmother.[4] She went on to form a coven that allegedly met in a cathedral during the Second World War, and also alleged that;

During the [Second World] war there two hundred of us [Witches] and we met every Tuesday in a certain place in London, and always sat at the same place and we sent colour rays to where was the worst fighting.[5]

She also claimed to have studied with "the best Ceremonial Magician in London", Dolores North.

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