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Rolland Todd is a former player and coach in the National Basketball Association, and a former player in the American Basketball Association, who also coached basketball at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He was the first coach of the then-expansion Portland Trail Blazers, leading the team to a 29-53 record in its inaugural season (best of the three expansion clubs who entered the NBA that year); though was let go the next season when the team failed to improve. According to Sports Illustrated, see reference below, his nickname while coaching the Blazers was "Mod Todd."

Today, Todd is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Todd Team Coaching. He is the primary designer of the company’s programs that include: Building a Championship Organization, The Manager as Coach and Building a Championship Team (athletics). In addition, he is the founder of The Coaching Excellence Camps. His work with coaches in these camps is being acclaimed as a breakthrough in coaching effectiveness for the 21st century. Theses programs are all Fast Break Training Programs. Power, Precision and Performance.

Rolland’s background includes 25 years of coaching basketball at the intercollegiate and professional level, including tenures as the first head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers and the coach who brought the Runnin’ Rebels to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His 1967 UNLV team is in the school’s Hall of Fame along with the Runnin’ Rebels NCAA Championship Team. Rolland also has 10 years coaching in the California Community College system and is in their Basketball Coach’s Hall of Fame. His collegiate win-loss record features .700-plus winning percentage.

Todd Team Coaching was founded in 1986, and has worked with organizations on teamwork, leadership and coaching. Their Fast Break Training Programs deliver long-term and easy-to-replicate results. The Manager as Coach Program, The Building a Championship Team Workshop and The Coaching Excellence Camp for athletic coaches are all examples of the Fast Break Principles in action.

Rolland holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fresno State University and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Washington.

Rolland Todd has written and self-published several books on coaching sports, executives, parents and more including: "Microwave Leadership", "Hey Mom, Where's My Glove?", "Beyond Golf," "The Ultimate Fast Break," and "The Art of Losing."


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