Rollcage (video game)

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A roll cage is also an automotive component.
PlayStation cover art of Rollcage
Developer(s) Attention To Detail
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Series Rollcage
Platform(s) PlayStation
Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) March 24, 1999
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player

Rollcage is an arcade-style racing game for Windows and PlayStation, developed by Attention to Detail, and published by Psygnosis. The Windows version was released in the UK on March 24, 1999. The game's selling point was its unique physics engine, in which cars could drive on walls or ceilings because of the airflow passing over them at extreme speeds. The game also featured an original soundtrack by Fatboy Slim and also featured the song "Love Island" from the album You've Come A Long Way, Baby.

The game received very positive reviews and ratings.


Rollcage allows players to race as one of six cars and drivers. The drivers are Tony, Lothar, Ria, Jet, Leon and Lenny. When the game is completed in "Easy" mode the "Hard" mode and a seventh mysterious driver (who now can race against you) are unlocked. Completing "Hard" mode allows players to race as the seventh driver (a policeman named Yuri). He arguably has the best statistics in the game due his car's higher speed, grip, and acceleration and strength. The cars are all double sided so, they can be driven on either side. This is done by having the tires of the car larger than the body. The cars cannot be destroyed in the game.

The racing modes available to choose from are: League, Arcade, Time attack and Multiplayer.


There are four main "Worlds" in Rollcage, each with up to four tracks; Neoto City, Harpoon Islands, Sapphire Springs and Outworld.

  • Neoto City is largely based on a city in Japan. This can be seen especially in the logo, as it is in the shape of Japan's national flag.
  • Harpoon Islands are a series of tracks on a group of tropical islands.
  • Sapphire Springs is an icy and snowy place.
  • Outworld is a mining complex on Mars.

Weapons and power-ups[edit]

There are many weapons and power-ups in the game, and they are an integral part of the game. If used carefully, weapons and power-ups can help a lot during racing. There are two slots for weapons in the game so at any one time, the player can have two weapons, and they can be the same type.


Rollcage features licensed music from Fatboy Slim, E-Z Rollers, Pressure Rise, Aphrodite, Ashley Beedle, Organized, Hoax, Les Rosbifs, Ratman, Danmass, Ed Rush & Nico, Pascal and Freestyles. Psygnosis released a special Limited Edition 2-Disc version of Rollcage, which included a CD soundtrack featuring 12 licensed tracks from the game. In addition, the Playstation game is an Audio Accessible disc, which includes all 15 music tracks and can be played in normal CD Audio Players.


A sequel named Rollcage Stage II was released in 2000 for Windows and PlayStation. The sequel includes 20 vehicles and a lot more tracks than the first game, and it's more accessible to novice players. There is also a training mode, a combat mode and multiplayer (up to four players split screen or more players on the internet or LAN). The game Firebugs by ATD can also be considered a continuation of the Rollcage concept. [1]

A fanmade sequel, ReCaged, is currently in development.


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