Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal

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Diocese of Fort Portal
Dioecesis Arcis Portal
Country Uganda
Metropolitan Mbarara
Area 9,553 km2 (3,688 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2006)
696,000 (46.8%)
Rite Latin Rite
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Robert Muhiirwa
Auxiliary Bishops Joseph Mugenyi Sabiiti

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal (Latin: Arcis Portal) is a diocese located in the city of Fort Portal in the Ecclesiastical province of Mbarara in Uganda.

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal formerly belonging to Rwenzori Vicariate was erected on 2 July 1961, with Rt. Rev. Vincent Joseph McCauley CSC as its first Bishop. He was succeeded in 1972 by Rt. Rev. Serapio Magambo who served the Diocese until 1991, when Rt. Rev. Paul Kalanda took over as the third Bishop of the Diocese. His successor, the current Bishop, Rt. Rev. Robert Muhiirwa, was ordained and installed on 15 June 2003.


  • Bishops of Fort Portal (Roman rite)
    • Bishop Robert Muhiirwa (since 2003.03.18)[1]
    • Bishop Paul Lokiru Kalanda(1991.06.17 – 2003.03.18)
    • Bishop Serapio Bwemi Magambo (1972.11.16 – 1991.06.17)
    • Bishop Vincent J. McCauley, C.S.C. (1961.02.21 – 1972.11.16)

Rt.Rev.Robert Muhiirwa Akiiki

Born at Ibonde, Virika Parish, Fort Portal Diocese on 23 Oct. 1958, ordained a priest on 11 August 1985. Appointed Bishop of Fort Portal Diocese on 18 March 2003; ordained and installed as Bishop of Fort Portal Diocese on 15 June 2003.

Rt Rev. Lokiru Paul Kalanda

TheRt Rev. Lokiru Paul Kalanda. Born at Buwunde, Masaka Diocese, on 24 Feb.1927, ordained priest on 21 Dec.1957. Appointed Bishop of Moroto on 29 Nov 1980. Consecrated Bishop on 22 March 1981. Appointed Bishop of Fort Portal on 28 April 1991, installed Bishop of Fort Portal on 3 Nov.1991. Retired on 15 June 2003 and appointed Apostolic Admini-strator of Lira Diocese on 2 Dec. till 9 July 2005.

Rt. Rev. Joseph Mugenyi Sabiti, Auxiliary, Bishop of Fort Portal Diocese

The Rt Rev. Joseph Sabiiti Mugenyi. Born at Nyansozi, Fort Portal Diocese on 8 May 1948. Ordained Priest on 1 June 1975. Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Fort Portal on 30 Jan.1999, Consecrated Bishop at Virika on 24 April 1999.


  1. ^ Robert Muhiirwa Appointed Bishop on 18 March 2003 & Ordained Bishop of Fort Portal Diocese on 15 June 2003

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