Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand

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This article is about the Catholic diocese in New Zealand. For other locations, see Diocese of Hamilton (disambiguation).

The Latin Rite Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand is a suffragan diocese of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington. It is centred in Hamilton, New Zealand and was formed on 6 March 1980 from a portion of the territory in the Diocese of Auckland.

Ordinaries of Hamilton, New Zealand[edit]

Tenure Incumbent Life
1980 to 1994 Edward Russell Gaines 1926 to 1994
1994 to present Denis George Browne 1937 to present

Other Bishops[edit]

Max Takuira Matthew Mariu SM (1952-2005), Auxiliary Bishop of Hamilton (1988-2005)

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Coordinates: 37°47′S 175°17′E / 37.783°S 175.283°E / -37.783; 175.283