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The route of the Roman road from London to Bath is as follows: Londinium (London) to Pontes to Calleva Atrebatum to Spinae to Cunetio to Aquae Sulis.[1] The eastern portion between London and Silchester is known as the Devil's Highway.

Portions of the original road are extant, and in certain other places all apparent vestiges are absent from view. The road was a significant route for east-west travel in southeast England during the first to the fifth century AD; this road was significant in the Romans' military logistical support infrastructure for transporting men and materials. Thereafter and into the Middle Ages the road was used as a Drovers' road and for extensive trade and transportation.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 51°21′31″N 1°01′54″W / 51.35857°N 1.03177°W / 51.35857; -1.03177