Roman temple of Vic

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View of the Roman temple of Vic.

The Roman temple of Vic is an ancient Roman temple located in the uptown area of Vic (Street Pare Xifrer), in the heart of Osona, Catalonia (Spain).


The building dates from the early 2nd century, the golden age of the Roman Empire. Temples were a basic part of every Roman city, yet the location of this one was unknown until the late date of 1882. In the 11th century, the temple was literally covered by the structure of the Castle of els Montcada, which later became the residence of the Veguers and finally, the prison of Vic. It was not until 1882, during the demolition of the old castle, that the workers spotted with astonishment the Roman temple in very good condition. However the portico is a reconstruction made during the modern ages, following the columns and capitals found.


Despite the many uses it saw, the condition of the temple is outstanding. The columned portico towers above the podium, which is accessed via a front staircase. The columns are smooth, with the Corinthian capitals and entablature crowning the cella.

Coordinates: 41°55′45.10″N 2°15′24.36″E / 41.9291944°N 2.2567667°E / 41.9291944; 2.2567667