Romanian Communist Party (present-day)

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Romanian Communist Party
President Petre Ignatencu
Senate leader not represented
Chamber leader not represented
Founded 2010
Ideology Communism[1]
European Parliament group not represented
Colours Red
Seats in the Senate 0
Seats in the Chamber 0
Seats in the European Parliament 0
Politics of Romania
Political parties

The Romanian Communist Party (Romanian: Partidul Comunist Român, PCR) is a communist party in Romania. According to the party, the real government of Romania is the IMF and the World Bank.[2] The leader of the party is Petre Ignatencu. The party claims that the Socialist Alliance Party is a pseudo-communist party and it considers itself the successor of the historical Romanian Communist Party.[3]


On 19 March 2010, the Committee for the Reorganization of the Romanian Communist Party was formed. The committee proclaimed the founding of the New Romanian Communist Party (NPCR, officially PCR). The congress of the committee elected the taxi driver Petre Ignatescu as president of the new party. In 2012, NPCR officials submitted a request to register the Communist Party. On 21 February 2013, in a press conference, the communist leaders announced that the Bucharest Tribunal rejected the request to register PCR as a political party, but they said that will not stop the process for the official recognition of the party.