Romanian passport

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Romanian passport
Romanian Passport.jpg
The front cover of a contemporary Romanian biometric passport (2011)
The data page of a contemporary Romanian biometric passport
Issued by  Romania
Type of document Passport
Eligibility requirements Romanian citizenship
Expiration 5 years after acquisition for applicants aged 6 or over, 3 years for children under 6 years old

The Romanian passport is the official travel document issued by the Romanian Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, through the Community Public Service for Issuing and Evidence of the Simple Passports (Serviciul Public Comunitar pentru Eliberarea şi Evidenţa Paşapoartelor Simple), to Romanian citizens who have the right to travel outside Romania. Romania has begun issuing its biometric passport on 31 December 2008.[1]


Simple (biometric): valid for 5 years (for minors under 6 is valid for 3 years)
Simple (temporary): valid for 1 year, issued as an emergency travel document.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Regular Romanian EU passports are burgundy red in color, with the Romania Coat of Arms emblazoned in the center of the front cover. The words "European Union", "Romania", and "passport" are inscribed above and below the coat of arms (in Romanian). The information page identifying the bearer and the issuing authority is on the first page, not numbered (the Romanian passport contains 32 pages, information written on the 32nd page of the passport). On the last page, the bearer fills in information regarding contact person (persons) in case of emergency. On the third cover (the inner back cover) there are instructions for the bearer how to use and how not to use the passport.

The carte de identitate can now be used to travel within the European Union.

Identity Information Page[edit]

The Romanian Passport includes the following data:

  • Photo of Passport Holder
  • Type (P)
  • Country Code (ROU)
  • Passport No.
  • Surname
  • Given Names
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Personal No.
  • Sex
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Authority
  • Holder's Signature

The information page ends with the Machine Readable Zone.


The data page/information page is printed in Romanian, English and French.

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