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The Royal House of Romania
Kingdom of Romania - Big CoA.svg

Michael I
Queen Consort:
    Princess Margareta
    Princess Elena
    Princess Irina
    Princess Sofia
    Princess Maria
    Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills
    Karina de Roumanie Medforth-Mills
    Michael de Roumanie Kreuger
    Angelica de Roumanie Kreuger
    Elisabeta-Maria Biarneix
Romanian Royalty
House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
Carol I
    Elisabeth of Wied
    Princess Maria
    Marie of Edinburgh
    Carol II
    Elisabeth, Queen of the Hellenes
    Maria, Queen of Yugoslavia
    Nicholas, Prinz von Hohenzolllern
    Ileana, Archduchess of Austria
    Prince Mircea
Carol II
    Anne of Bourbon-Parma
    Crown Princess Margareta
    Princess Elena, Mrs. McAteer
    Princess Irina, Mrs. Walker
    Princess Sofia
    Princess Maria

The current Romanian royal family (of Romania, formerly named of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen), an integral part of the larger royal house of Romania,[1] consists of the family of former King Michael of Romania who bears a royal title (i.e. Royal Highnesses). There is also an illegitimate non-royal branch which descends from Michael's older half-brother Carol Mircea Hohenzollern (also known as "Carol Mircea Grigore of Romania", al României in Romanian, on his amended Romanian birth certificate[2]), whose members have never been recognised as part of the royal family by King Ferdinand, King Carol II or by King Michael. The former king, former queen and their five daughters renounced publicly any claim to the defunct titles Prince and Princess of Hohenzollern.

Family of Michael[edit]

The children of Princess Elena, Princess Irina, and Princess Sophie have no rights to the Romanian throne according to both the defunct royal Constitution of 1923 and the defunct Law of the Statute of the Romanian royal house dated 1884. On December 30, 2007 in a private ceremony,[3][4] King Michael signed into effect a new such Statute, [5] an act with eminently symbolic importance in the absence of its approval by the Parliament[6][7] requested by Michael himself, in an attempt to replace the old 1884 Law of the Statute. Through the new Statute called Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania,[1] Michael decreed his grandchildren into the line of succession to the throne and to the headship of the Royal House and explicitly banned any other foreign prince belonging to any other royal or princely house from succeeding. On the same occasion he asked the Romanian Parliament to change the Salic law should it consider restoring the monarchy (see "Line of succession to the Romanian throne"). Through the same act, Michael also designated Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills as a future member of the Royal Family and future "Prince of Romania" with a "Royal Highness" style effective either on his 25th birthday, April 1, 2010, or upon Michael's death, whichever occurs sooner. Children or consorts of the members of the royal family of Romania who do not bear a Royal title, are not recognized as members of the Royal Family according to the new rules, but only as members of the larger family of King Michael I and of the Royal House.

Family of Carol Mircea Hohenzollern[edit]

  • Paul-Philippe of Romania (born 1948), son of Carol Mircea Hohenzollern
    Lia-Georgia Hohenzollern (née Triff) (born 1949), wife of Paul
    • Carol Ferdinand al Romanai (born 2010), son of Paul
  • Alexander Hohenzollern (born 1961), son of Carol Mircea Hohenzollern

Deceased members of the royal family[edit]

Family tree[edit]

Karl Anton, Prince of Hohenzollern
Princess Josephine of Baden
Princess Elisabeth of Wied
Carol I, King of Romania
Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern
Infanta Antónia of Portugal
Princess Maria of Romania
Princess Marie of Edinburgh
Ferdinand, King of Romania
Princess Elisabeth of Romania
Maria, Queen of Yugoslavia
Prince Nicholas of Romania
Princess Ileana of Romania
Prince Mircea of Romania
Ioana Lambrino
Carol II, King of Romania
Princess Helen of Greece
Helene Nagavitzine
Prince Carol Mircea of Romania
Jeanne Williams
Michael, King of Romania
Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma
Prince Paul-Philippe Hohenzollern
Alexander Hohenzollern
Princess Margarita of Romania
Princess Elena of Romania
Princess Irina of Romania
Princess Sophie of Romania
Princess Maria of Romania
Carol Ferdinand
Prince Nicholas of Romania

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