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Romanians in Italy became a notable presence mostly after 1999, due to a large wave of emigration known in Romania as Fenomenul către UE. 80% of the emigrants went to Spain or Italy, whose national languages are related to Romanian. They were followed by a further wave beginning in 2002, when Romanian citizens obtained the right to leave their country and go to any Schengen Zone country without having a visa. As of 1 January 2013, there were 1.071.342 Romanian citizens living in Italy, representing one fifth of all foreign citizens in that country and roughly 1.75% of the total Italian population.[1]

On 4 November 2007, Italy started expelling Romanians with criminal records, after a wave of violent crimes of which swelling numbers of Romani immigrants from Romania were held responsible.[2] Roma are a large historical ethnical minority in Romania (over 600,000 people, 3.3% of the population) and they make up 6% of Romanians in Italy too.[3][4]

Cities with significant Romanian communities[edit]

Romanian market in Monza in 2011

Based on Demo Istat statistics

Notable people[edit]


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