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Not to be confused with Romania.
Romanija Landscape.JPG
Landscape in the Romanija mountain
Elevation 1,652 m (5,420 ft)
Romanija is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location of Romanija
Location Bosnia and Herzegovina
Range Dinaric Alps
Coordinates 43°51′36″N 18°40′12″E / 43.86000°N 18.67000°E / 43.86000; 18.67000Coordinates: 43°51′36″N 18°40′12″E / 43.86000°N 18.67000°E / 43.86000; 18.67000

Romanija (Cyrillic: Романија) is a mountain and geographical region in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the main towns of Pale, Sokolac, and Han Pijesak, to the north of Sarajevo. It is administratively part of the Sarajevo-Romanija region.

Its highest point is Veliki Lupoglav and it is located at 1,652 meters above sea level.[citation needed] On the southern

A football club from the neighbouring town of Pale bears its name, FK Romanija.

Hisotry: Name Romanija (means Romania) is from Romanised people (Vlachs) [1] [2]

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