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Rombaken / Rombaksfjorden
Rombak Bridge.jpg
View of the bridge over the fjord
Location Narvik, Nordland
Coordinates 68°27′34″N 17°35′20″E / 68.4595°N 17.5888°E / 68.4595; 17.5888Coordinates: 68°27′34″N 17°35′20″E / 68.4595°N 17.5888°E / 68.4595; 17.5888
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 20 kilometres (12 mi)
Max. depth 344 metres (1,129 ft)

Rombaken or Rombaksfjord (Northern Sami: Ruoppat) is a fjord branch of the Ofotfjorden in the municipality of Narvik in Nordland county, Norway. The fjord has a length of about 20 kilometres (12 mi), and is surrounded by steep mountainsides. The European route E06 and European route E10 highways run along the northern and southern shores of the fjord. The Hålogaland Bridge, under construction since February 2013 and expected to be completed in 2017, is being built across the mouth of the Rombaken fjord to shorten the travel time from Narvik to Harstad.[1]


Rombaken was the site of several fierce naval battles during the Battle of Narvik in World War II. Ten German destroyers, half the destroyer force of the Kriegsmarine, and one U-Boat were sunk during the battle. Parts of the bow of the German destroyer Georg Thiele remain visible above the water in Rombaksbotn to this day. The wrecks at Narvik remain popular diving spots, although some are off-limits because they still contain undetonated ammunition[2] Three of the German destroyers were lifted in 1964 and moved to Framnesodden, near Eidsvoid, to clear the shipping lane. The destroyers Anton Schmitt, Diether von Roeder and Wilhelm Heidkamp rest in 12 m (39 ft) of water there and were opened for diving. A number of other wrecks are accessible, too, but most have been preserved as historic sites and it is forbidden to dive to them.[3]

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