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Romualdas Granauskas (born May 18, 1939 in Mažeikiai, Lithuania) – is a Lithuanian/Samogitian author and dramaturge.

After finishing youth labour school in Seda, he worked with the Lithuanian newspaper "Mūsų žodis" and the magazine "Nemunas", established in Skuodas, as an editor. Later on he worked as construction worker, metalworker, radio reporter, and lectured in Mosėdis.

Granauskas started publishing his stories in 1954 in his collection "Medžių viršūnės" (eng. "The Tops of the Trees") (1969), and in "Duonos valgytojai" (eng. "Bread Eaters") (1975), where he speaks about the elder generation of retiring farmers, also about their customs, daily life, moral code. One of the main creations of Romualdas Granauskas is considered to be the novella "Gyvenimas po klevu" (eng. "Life Under the Maple") (1988), which drew the whole society's attention. Nature, history and mythology are the topics of one of the most mature and sophisticated novellas of R.Granauskas "Jaučio aukojimas" (eng. the "The Sacrifice of a Bull") (1975).

Duburys (Vortex) is a classical artistic novel covering the entire life of the main character during Soviet times in Lithuania (2003).