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For the song by Terminaator, see Romula (song).
Blidaru-entry-icon.png Romula
Known also as Malva
Town Reşca
County Olt County
State  Romania

Romula or Malva was an ancient city in Roman Dacia, later the village of Reşca, Dobrosloveni Commune, Olt County, Romania. It was the capital of Dacia Malvensis, one of the three subdivisions of the province of Dacia.

The Roman city of Romula lay on an earlier Dacian settlement called Malva. It received the title of municipium during the rule of Hadrian (117-138) and the title of colonia during that of Septimius Severus (193-211).

The city had two belts of fortifications and two castra, in which were temporarily located units of the Legiones VII Claudia and XXII Primigenia and permanent a unit (numerus) of Syrian archers.

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