Ron Bard

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Ron Bard
Born (1959-10-22)22 October 1959
New York, US
Residence New York, US
Other names Ronald Bard, Ronnie Bard, Ronald Bardnot
Known for Celebrity Psychic
Parent(s) Yolana Bard

Ron Bard aka Ronald Bardnot (born October 22, 1959) is an American psychic. Bard says he was raised homeless and his mother, a psychic reader, encouraged him to believe he had psychic powers. Bard's clients have reportedly included wealthy Japanese business people and actor Brad Pitt. According to Bard, profits from his work as a “parapsychological consultant” plus sales and seminars amount to more than $1 million a year.[1][2]


In a 1996 episode of The Mark Walberg Show, Bard claimed to have "solved over 110 murder cases" and stated his most memorable involved identifying two female murder victims in Harrison, New York. When skeptical investigator Joe Nickell contacted the Harrison police chief, the man insisted that "the identification was done by sheer police work, not a psychic". Nickell wrote that Bard had not been involved in the case at all, but found that Bard's mother had offered her services to authorities as a "volunteer psychic".[3]


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