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Ronald Harold Hardy (16 November 1919 – October 1991) was an English novelist and screenwriter. His first novel The Place of Jackals was published in 1954 to acclaim. Hardy drew on his experiences as a liaison officer in Indochina during World War II in the writing of this novel. A review in Time magazine claimed that the novel "establishes him as Graham Greene's No. 1 disciple."

Hardy won the 1962 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his fifth novel Act of Destruction. Besides his seven works of fiction, he wrote one non-fiction book about the construction of the Uganda Railway entitled The Iron Snake.

Hardy was also a TV screenwriter, with Suspense and Armchair Theatre among his credits. He qualified as a Certified Public Accountant before turning to writing. He married Joyce Cook and had two children.


  • The Place of Jackals, 1954
  • A Name Like Herod, 1955
  • Kampong, 1957
  • The Men from the Bush, 1959
  • Act of Destruction, 1962
  • The Iron Snake, 1965 (non-fiction)
  • Return to Arms, 1967
  • The Savages, 1967

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