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Ronald J. Glasser is an American doctor and author, most famous for his book 365 Days, chronicling his tour of duty as an Army doctor during the Vietnam War.[1]

Written in 1971, the book became a best-seller. It was reviewed in the Washington Monthly[citation needed] and the New York Times.[2] 365 Days has been translated into nine languages and is widely considered one of the classic volumes on America's involvement in Vietnam.[citation needed]

In June 2006, Glasser, a Minneapolis physician, published his seventh book, Wounded: Vietnam to Iraq. In his foreword, Glasser writes,

"These stories are true. I was part of some of them; the rest belonged to others. What was so troubling was not what I saw or heard, but that it all kept happening again and again... As for me, none of this was written out of pique or anger, but to give those caught up in this terrible enterprise something all their own, something they could give to others and say, 'this is what happened.'"



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