Ronald Jenkees

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Ronald Jenkees
Ronald Jenkees.jpg
Cover of Jenkees' self-titled album. The first of his four albums.
Background information
Genres Electronic rock, hip hop, techno, rock
Occupation(s) Songwriter, musician
Instruments Keyboard controllers, piano, harmonica, vocals
Years active 2004—present
Labels Independent

Ronald Jenkees is an American composer and musician, best known for his YouTube keyboard performances, coverage on G4's Attack of the Show!, and an appearance in Paste Magazine. His YouTube videos have been viewed (in total) over 70 million times.[1] Jenkees has thus far released four independent albums: the eponymous album Ronald Jenkees (2007), Disorganized Fun (2009), Days Away (2012), and Alpha Numeric (2014).

Musical career[edit]

Jenkees was introduced to FL Studio by a friend. From about 2003, he began releasing beats and raps online under the name "Big Cheez". Under this name, he produced the 2005 album Straight Laced by Fish. In 2006, Jenkees started posting videos on YouTube to entertain people, but he later began posting music-related videos. These videos usually feature him wearing a hat and greeting his viewers by saying, "Hello Youtubes!". Jenkees feels that the "goofiness" he shows helps him to "not feel like such a show-off". His videos gradually gained popularity, and saw a boom in popularity when Bill Simmons from advertised Jenkees and asked him to record his podcast theme, and again after being "thumbed up" by members of the StumbleUpon community. In 2007, Jenkees independently released his first studio album, Ronald Jenkees. In June 2009, Jenkees was featured on the STS9 album, Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes, producing a remix of "Beyond Right Now". On July 31, 2009, Jenkees announced (via his Twitter feed) that he had released his second album, Disorganized Fun. Both are currently available for purchase from either Amazon MP3, the iTunes Store, the Google Play Store, or his personal website on physical compact discs or as direct MP3 downloads. He has also recorded a third album titled, "Days Away", which was released in 2012, as well as a fourth album "Alpha Numeric", which was released in 2014.[2]

A selection of his music (from his first two independent albums, Ronald Jenkees and Disorganized Fun) is included in the game "Sequence" available on Xbox Live and Steam.


Jenkees creates a variety of music ranging from electronic music to hip hop to rock and roll using pianos, keyboards, and various PC-controlled electronic synthesizers. His use of keyboard and synthesizer voices adds a variety of other instruments into his sound. For instance, in "Guitar Sound" from his second album Disorganized Fun, the lead instrument is played on keyboard as usual, but mimics the sound of an electric guitar. This produces a unique interpretation of the rock and roll genre, but at around 3:15 of the same track, he switches to more electronic sounding voices and shifts the song into a techno or trance influenced rock opera. In some of his YouTube videos he employs a harmonica for his slower tempo songs.


  • Keyboards: Yamaha Motif XS8, Korg Triton LE
  • Software: Windows 7, FL Studio 10, Edison
  • Soundcard: M-Audio Delta 1010LT
  • VSTs: Various free VSTs
  • Speakers: Yamaha HS80's & Edirol MA-15D
  • Headphones: AKG K-66

Media coverage[edit]

Jenkees was featured in Paste Magazine,[3] columns by Bill Simmons on, and on the G4 television show Attack of the Show!.[4] In 2009, Jenkees was interviewed on Fox Business Network.[5]


Solo albums
  • Ronald Jenkees (2007)

Derty Neptune, Canon in D Remix, Clutter, Super-Fun, The Rocky Song Remixed, Snap, The Sunfish Song, Loui, Gold Spinners, Remix to a Remix, Almost Undamaged, 56K (rap), Ain't No Thang (rap)

Disorganized Fun, Fifteen Fifty, Guitar Sound, Synth One, Throwing Fire, Minimal MC, Stay Crunchy, Inverted Mean, Outer Space, Let's Ride (rap), It's Gettin Rowdy (rap)

  • Days Away (2012)

Magnetic Moment, Speaker1 Speaker 1, Sidetracked, Early Morning May, Supercell in Tune, With Water and Light, 7 Times, Red Lemonade, Days Away, Deep-Sea Sounding, Error Me Out, Piano Wire, Simppletank, From The Arrow Loop, Red Lemonade Remixed

  • Alpha Numeric (2014)

Synergetics, Filter In, In Blue, Mr. Mac, Echo Out, Alpha Numeric, Hotel MIDI, 103 Degrees, Slow to Spring, Fall Drift, All the Circles, Dream Happy

Produced albums
  • Fish: Straight Laced (as Big Cheez) (2005)

(Variations and updated versions of some songs on Straight Laced can Be Found On Jenkees' First Album as instrumentals.)


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