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Stuart McGregor

Ronald Stuart McGregor, commonly R. S. McGregor (or Stuart McGregor), (died 19 August 2013) was a philologist of the Hindi language.[1] Best known as editor of the Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary, a standard reference work, published in 1993 after a sustained effort of twenty years,[1] McGregor was a Fellow of Wolfson College and retired as Reader in Hindi at the University of Cambridge.[2]

Early life[edit]

McGregor was born in 1929[3] of Scottish parents in New Zealand, where he took his BA in English. On a scholarship to Oxford, he studied early English philology but then turned to learning Hindi. He had, as a teenager in New Zealand, been given a copy of a Hindi grammar book published in Fiji, where migrant Indians formed a large part of the population.[2]

Professional career[edit]

McGregor first visited India in 1959-60 to study Hindi at the University of Allahabad. In 1968, McGregor's Ph.D. thesis was published as The Language of Indrajit of Orchā - A Study of Early Braj Bhāsā Prose (Indrajit was a minor prince who was a patron of the major poet Keshav Das but also himself a pioneering writer of prose in Braj bhasha).[2]



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