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Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School (RWR) is a high school located at 4965 South 20th Street in the former Town of Lake neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Formerly known as Town of Lake College Preparatory High School, the school changed its name after former President Ronald Reagan died in June 2004. The renaming was approved by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors on September 29, 2004, with the official renaming ceremony taking place on June 3, 2005. Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School became an IB World School two years ago. Reagan, as the students who attend the school call it, has an alternating day schedule. In 2012, Reagan received the Gold Status as the #197 best school in the United States and #1 in the state of Wisconsin, trailing only behind Rufus King High School (U.S. News Reports 2012).

Staff and Students[edit]

The principal of Reagan High School is Mike Roemer, with the assistant principal being William Luedtke. This leadership duo inspires all the students at the school to learn and participate while also taking a major jump in school safety. The school has a staff of almost one-hundred, ranging from special education instructors to highly educated subject teachers and accredited International Baccalaureate Coordinators.

The school's alternating day schedules of "A" days and "B" days holds 6 blocks in each day, which depending on the class gives you a specific 4 blocks per 6. Freshmen and Sophomores have blocks 1 and 2 with the final blocks being 5 and 6. Juniors and Seniors have blocks 1, 2, and 3 with the fourth being 6. This allows for each class to have their separate ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) and Lunch. For example, the freshman John has his math class on a "B" day in fifth block. John's math class is "5B".

School Resources[edit]

Reagan High School has a number of student resources that are presented to the students to use. One very important to student learning is the Student Learning Community. The Student Learning Community is an internet resource that the majority of students use to access class information and powerpoints posted online from teachers. This web program allows students to discuss the classes topic and review important information in the class. It is heavily used by teachers and is very useful to students.

The school library is headed by Librarian Ms. P. Nordvall and contains all of the schools textbooks with additional school items like calculators and films etc. Each student has to present a school I.D. to "checkout" a library item. The library also offers a variety of books non-related to school texts in which a student has to go through the same checkout procedure. The Reagan Library allows students to come in during study halls and other freetime blocks to work on school work and projects, as long as a pass was given.

Reagan has a number of computers and laptops at the disposal of students. As powerpoints and smartboards are Reagan's main use for teaching, computers are much needed at the school. Depending on a teacher's topic, the instructor may checkout laptops in which they give them to students in class. There are also computers in the school library that are ready for the students, but only if an instructor hasn't reserved the library for a block. The school's resource room also has a number of computers, but they are mainly reserved for IEP students. The schools computer lab is free as well, but you have to have a pass for use of the computer. Most of the time, the lab is occupied by study hall students.

Special Programs and Classes[edit]

Ronald W. Reagan High School is an accredited International Baccalaureate Organization World School, and because of this the school offers a brand of IB credited classes. IB classes are only given to Juniors and Seniors, but Reagan policy is changing to allow underclassmen to take certain classes. Most of the IB classes are 2 year courses that requires a certain amount of internal and external assessments, with the students taking an IB exam in their second year. The class offers a score of N-7, with N being 0 and 7 being the highest score you can earn. All of the external assessments are completed before the exam, with many of them being mailed across the planet to other IBO schools. IB college credits are given at many US colleges and colleges around the world.

Reagan's Credit Recovery program replaces its Summer School program with this online program that offers students classes that they have failed or haven't taken in the previous years. Credit Recovery or CR is a program that is taken online and it has a virtual classroom. The virtual classroom gives students online resources and notes that helps students to pass their tests and exams. The program can be very time consuming, but it is very helpful for the students at the school.

Reagan annually holds a Pep rally early in the 1st Semester and a Black History and International Program. These programs are held during school hours and most are student run. Reagan's Talent Show is also student run, but it occurs after school. The school also holds a now annual Reagan Film Festival, in which students who take the class IB Film present their films to an audience. This event also takes place after school.

Rufus King Rivalry[edit]

Rufus King High School has been Reagan's unofficial rival of the 2010 decade. Rufus King is also an International Baccalaureate School and they were ranked the #1 school in Wisconsin by U.S. News Report. Rufus King has defeated Reagan in many Extra Curricular Activities, many being athletics. With a 54-14 lost to King in WIAA Football in September and 2 season defeats in WIAA Basketball both men and women, many Reagan students and staff consider King a rival. But what King seems to lose a lot in to Reagan is in Soccer. Reagan Soccer has been very active over the past years with the men's team winning city conference and a 10-0 record in 2011; this team also went to state. The rivalry waged on as King won City in Chess.

Extra Curricular Activities[edit]

Ronald Reagan has many different types of after school activities such as Forensics, DJ, Radio Reagan, Debate, Art Club, and Theater Club. Reagan hosts cross country, track and field, boys baseball, girls softball, boys and girls tennis, basketball, football, boys soccer, girls soccer, golf, volleyball, swim, and wrestling as sports. Reagan has a fantastic music department. This includes the musical each year, jazz band, a budding marching band, and the fantastic Reagan Chamber Choir. The Reagan Chamber Choir recently went to State in the WSMA competition and performed for the MPS Superintendent.

Musical Theater[edit]

Reagan's musical program is directed by Carrie Baker and Erica Breitbarth and is held at the end of January. School House Rock, The Boyfriend, Rent and Bye Bye Birdie have all been shows in the Reagan musical program. With the most recent being Bye ByeBirdie, this show was their largest to date with cast and attending audience. Also annually, the school holds a program they call the "Fall One Acts", which is held in October. This program sees the work of Reagan's IB Theatre students as a select group in that close creates the plays scripts. In 2012, there were 3 plays in which students have created.