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The Ronseal logo.

Ronseal is a British wood stain and preservative manufacturer, responsible for the "Does exactly what it says on the tin" phrase, an advertising slogan created by agency HHCL which has since entered popular culture.

The company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sherwin-Williams Company, is based in Chapeltown, Sheffield.


In 1792, the Newton Chamber Group was founded. In 1896 Ronuk was founded in Portslade, Brighton. Ronuk was purchased by Izal Ltd in 1960, itself owned by the Newton Chambers Group in Sheffield. In 1956, Ronseal launched into the DIY market with Ronseal - Floor and Wood Seal. In 1964, the company moved to Chapeltown, Sheffield, where it still resides today. [1]

Known as Roncraft, it became a separate sales division of Izal in 1970 and was bought three years later by the Sterling Drug Company.

In 1989, Sterling was bought by Eastman Kodak until the multinational photographic company sold all of its do it yourself business to Forstmann Little & Co. in 1994. The New York-based investment bank renamed the company to Ronseal Ltd and sold it to Sherwin-Williams in 1997.

Dryfoam Project[edit]

Project Dryfoam

In 2013, Ronseal, as part of a 7 partner consortium, received funding from the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme managed by the REA – Research Executive Agency, under grant agreement No: 315040, with the aim of developing novel titanium dioxide free opaque architectural coatings, particularly for ceilings and interior walls, based on a foam structure. The DRYFOAM project involves a novel approach to a serious problem facing the decorative paint industry: namely the shortage of titanium dioxide pigment, its ever-increasing cost and its large contribution to the carbon footprint of the coating. In place of titanium dioxide, these coatings will rely on foaming, as a means of creating air voids of an appropriate size to provide opacity. Our aim is to develop stable and tough foam scaffolds in the coating, capable of withstanding normal wear and tear. To achieve this, new polymer particles, inorganic particles, and hybrid particles will be developed to provide the necessary strong stable foam structures.

The DRYFOAM project consortium consists of 7 partners from 5 different countries: United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, France and Sweden.

Lankem Ltd, is a manufacturer and supplier of speciality surfactants, for emulsion polymerisation, agrochemicals, industrial and institutional cleaning agents, oils and lubricants, paints and coatings, cosmetics, toiletries and other household cleaning agents.

Resiquímica – Resinas Químicas, S.A. is a leader in the Portuguese coatings market producing polymers used as binders for the coatings industry.

Comptoir de Mineraux et Matieres Premieres is an independent and family-owned company with more than 65 years experience in the field of industrial minerals.

Danske Malermestre (Danish Masterpainters) is an employers’ organisation for the professional painting trade in Denmark.

Ronseal Ltd is the UK’s market leading DIY retail woodcare and waterproofing company with a growing presence in the specialty paints market. Ronseal is a subsidiary of the Sherwin Williams Company, the third largest paint company globally.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, is an internationally leading industrial research institute. The department Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces serves many industrial branches including coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and industrial chemicals with expertise in nano-technology, surface modification, formulation, polymer chemistry and analysis.

PRA is an independent Research Technology Association supporting innovation in the surface coatings industry through its business information, technical and laboratory research services.


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