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Rook & Raven is a contemporary art gallery based in London's Soho or Fitzrovia[1] It is co-owned by Richard Grindy & Rachelle Lunnon, and opened in 2011.


Emerging Talent[peacock term][edit]

Rook & Raven Gallery began showcasing artwork by the likes of Central Saint Martins graduate Nick Gentry, best known for his floppy disk paintings,[2] and stencil artist Penny, who translates stencils on currency.[3] James Mylne (Ballpoint pen artwork) also held his first solo exhibition, October 2012, Vintage Vogue,[4] dedicated to Old Hollywood Icons Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen.[5]

Rook & Raven Gallery has worked closely with City & Guilds Fine Art London, holding a Group BA Graduate Show in January 2013,[6] followed by Sarm Derbois in March 2013.[7]

International Artists[edit]

South African artist Lionel Smit held a solo show in November 2012, dedicated to large-scale portraits of Cape-Malay women[8] and was later nominated for the 2013 National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award.[9]

In May 2013, Parisian Photographer showcased his body of work under the title The Sky Shaped By its City Buildings with sculpture and photography based on London and Milan city skylines, with references drawn from Walter Benjamin and Charles Baudelaire's s Flaneur concept.[10]

Celebrity Photographers[edit]

Celebrity photographers Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones)[11] and Terry O'Neill both participated in a Reworked exhibition concept, whereby artists are invited to reinterpret their photos of famous icons Audrey Hepburn and Rolling Stones.[12] The most famous collaboration was Gerald Scarfe's illustration of Keith Richards pulling fists in Keef Then & Now.[13]


Artists represented, or previously shown at Rook & Raven:


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