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Winter in Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park is a park located in Edison, New Jersey, at Parsonage Road and U.S. Route 1, just west of Menlo Park Mall. It is owned and operated by the Middlesex County government. It contains a number of picnic groves (with tables and BBQ grills) as well as fields and courts for baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis. The park also contains a facility designed to provide sporting opportunities for people with physical and other special needs. This facility is appropriately named, "The Level Playing Fields," and it offers no impediments to the athletes for whom it was built. Several sports can be accommodated at the facility including soccer and baseball (including a fully equipped artificial-turf diamond with backstop, dugouts, and grandstands for spectators). Adjacent to The Level Playing Fields is an ice skating rink that is opened in the winter. During the summer, this area is used for roller skating.

Other forms of recreation (hiking, walking and jogging) are also provided for, with miles of trails and a measured paved path that encircles a man-made lake.

In the summer, the county sponsors an annual outdoor theater festival called "Plays in the Park."

The Lakeview School and Rehabilitation Center for children with cerebral palsy is located within Roosevelt Park.


Roosevelt Park was a major part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects, which provided jobs for the poor and unemployed during the 1930s. Among these jobs was the improvement of Roosevelt Park

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