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Slogan Unleash your phone
Commercial? no
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Available in English
Alexa rank 12877[1]
Current status Online

RootzWiki is a web site for users of Android mobile phones. It is concerned with the rooting of such devices,[2][3] a subject which is important to those seeking fuller use of their devices. The site features news, a wiki and a forum.


The site was re-created in April 2011.[4] The wiki is administered by Denham Crafton.[5] Collaborators of the project include Steven Smith, Andrew Myers, Taylor Potts, Caleb Nance, Rory Holderness, Steven Richards, Stephen Bird, among others.


As of January, 2012, the RootzWiki Twitter account has more than 12 900 followers.[6]

RootzWiki has been referenced by The Verge,[7] Engadget,[8] Gizmodo,[9] International Business Times,[10] and many Android news websites, like Android Police[11] Android Authority[12] droid matters,[13] phandroid[14] Android Central,[15] Android Advice & Tutorials,[16] among others.

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