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A rope was a unit of measurement, used in Somerset in drainage, hedging, and wall building. It is both a unit of length and a unit of area. As a linear measure, used in drainage and hedging, it is equal to 20 feet, i.e. 6.096 m (for the international inch). As a measure of area, used in wall building, it is equal to an area of 20 feet by 1 foot. Wall building work was sold "per rope", which was a section of wall 1 rope on the side (i.e. 20 feet long and 1 foot high).[1][2]

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  • John Lawrence (1801). "On Fences, &c.". The New Farmer's Calendar, Or, Monthly Remembrancer. London: C. Whittingham. p. 245.  — an example of calculating the expense of building Somerset wall-fencing, per rope