Rory (given name)

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Pronunciation (ROR ee)
Gender male
Word/Name Gaelic
Region of origin Ireland, Scotland
Other names
Related names from Ruairi (Ruaridh, Ruaidhrí, Ruairí, Ruairidh, Ruaraidh)

Rory is a masculine given name of an Irish and Scottish origin.[1] It is an Anglicised form of the Irish Gaelic name Ruaidhrí/Ruairí ("red king"), the name of medieval Irish kings Ruaidrí na Saide Buide and Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, and the Scottish Gaelic Ruairidh/Ruaraidh.[2]

Since the 1960s in the USA, the name has occasionally been given to females, notably to Rory Kennedy (b. 1968), daughter of Robert F. Kennedy.

Male given name[edit]

Female given name[edit]

  • Aurora 'Rory' Block (born 1949), American blues guitarist and singer. Rory here is short for "Aurora".
  • Rory Flack (born 1969), American figure skater. Born Ellen Flack, "Rory" is a nickname.
  • Rory Kennedy (born 1968), American filmmaker
  • Rory Quintos (born 1962), Filipino television and film director

Fictional characters[edit]

Male characters
Female characters


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