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Rosalind Miles (born as Rosalind Mary Simpson in January 6, 1943) is an English author, who has written 23 works of fiction and non-fiction.

She was born in Warwickshire,[1] and now lives in Kent. As a child, Miles suffered from polio, and had to undergo several months of treatment. At high school Miles acquired a working knowledge of Latin and Greek, along with developing her lifelong love of Shakespeare. At seventeen, she was accepted at St Hilda's College, Oxford,[2] where she studied English literature, Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Latin and French. She obtained five degrees in all, ending with a Ph.D. from the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham.

Miles later became interested in jurisprudence, which resulted in her sitting as a lay magistrate in the English criminal and family courts, and eventually on the bench in a superior court in Coventry. She is also a regular commentator on the BBC, on Canadian Radio, and in national newspapers in England and the United States. Miles is married with two children.



  • The Fiction of Sex: Themes and Functions of Sex Difference in the Modern Novel
  • The Problem of Measure for Measure
  • Ben Jonson: His Life and Work
  • Ben Jonson: His Craft and Art
  • The Female Form: Women Writers and the Conquest of the Novel
  • Danger! Men At Work
  • Modest Proposals
  • Women and Power
  • The Women's History of the World (US: Who Cooked the Last Supper)
  • The Rites of Man: Love, Sex and Death in the Making of the Male (US: Love, Sex and Death and the Making of the Male) (1991)
  • The Children We Deserve: Love and Hate in the Making of the Family

With Robin Cross:

  • Hell Hath No Fury: True Stories of Women at War from Antiquity to Iraq
  • Warrior Women: 3000 Years of Courage and Heroism


  • Return to Eden
  • Bitter Legacy
  • Prodigal Sins
  • Act of Passion
  • I, Elizabeth: the Word of a Queen Reader's Guide
  • The Isolde trilogy:
    • The Queen of the Western Isle
    • The Maid of the White Hands
    • The Lady of the Sea


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