Rosario de Tesopaco

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Rosario de Tesopaco (often abbreviated to Rosario) is a small town surrounded by its municipal area in the southeast of the Mexican state of Sonora.

Area and Population[edit]

The municipal area is 3,301.90 km² with a population of 5,432 registered in 2000. [1] The population of the municipal seat was 2,649 in 2000. It is located at an elevation of 450 meters.

Neighboring Municipalities[edit]

Neighboring municipalities are:


The municipal seat was originally a cattle ranch called San Salvador Tesopaco. In 1622 the Jesuit missionary Diego Vandersipe founded the settlements of Santa Ana de Moras and San Joaquín de Nuri, which were seats of their respective municipalities belonging to the larger municipality of Rosario. In 1866 in the village of Movas there was a skirmish between the liberal troops of Coronel Asunción Correa and an Imperialist group commanded by Joaquín Monge; the liberals won. In 1879 it acquired the category of municipality and annexed the former municipalities of Movas and Nuri.

Health and education[edit]

There were 23 schools and a small health clinic in 2000. Enciclopedia de los Municipios

Economic Activity[edit]

The main economic activity is cattle raising. In 2000 the census counted over 35,000 head of cattle.


Coordinates: 27°47′N 109°22′W / 27.783°N 109.367°W / 27.783; -109.367