Roschdy Zem

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Roschdy Zem
Born (1965-09-27) 27 September 1965 (age 48)
Gennevilliers, France
Awards César Award for Best Supporting Actor (2006)

Roschdy Zem (born September 27, 1965 in Gennevilliers, Hauts-de-Seine) is a French actor of Moroccan descent. He shared the award for Best Actor for his role in the film Days of Glory at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.[1]


Very versatile and determined to not be typecast in "Beur" roles, Roshdy discreetly developed his range, playing a General of Napoléon in "Monsieur N.", a Jewish father in "Va, Vis et Deviens", a transvestite in "Life kills me" alongside Fanny Ardant, several deep characters highlighting issues in mainstream French society as well as movies promoting parts of French and North African history like "Indigènes" and "Camping à la ferme" based on a script from Azouz Begag.

In 2011, he directed the film Omar Killed Me, which has been selected as the Moroccan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards.[2]

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