Rose Island, New Zealand

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Rose Island
Auckland islands topo.png
The Auckland group
Coordinates 50°30′50″S 166°14′56″E / 50.514°S 166.249°E / -50.514; 166.249Coordinates: 50°30′50″S 166°14′56″E / 50.514°S 166.249°E / -50.514; 166.249
Archipelago Auckland Islands
New Zealand

Rose Island is an uninhabited island, part of the Auckland Islands group, a subantarctic chain that forms part of the New Zealand Outlying Islands.

It is located in the northeast of the group, in the mouth of Port Ross, Auckland Island and south west of the larger Enderby Island. It was stocked with rabbits and provided with a boatshed for the relief of castaways during the nineteenth century. The rabbits have since been eradicated by the Department of Conservation, and provides a secure home for a population of Auckland Islands Teal.[1] The vegetation on Rose contains rata, and while much original vegetation has been destroyed, it is less modified than much of the Auckland Islands.

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