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Rose Marie Reid (born Rose Marie Yancey (September 12, 1906 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada – December 19, 1978 in Provo, Utah, USA) was an American swimsuit designer.

Reid began her swimsuit designing career in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She designed bathing suits that looked good and started a new trend. Lacing up both sides was typical of her earliest swimsuits and a 1938 example is preserved at the New Westminster Museum and Archives in Canada (Artifact # IH 994.76.68). By 1946 50% of the swimsuits sold in Canada were designed by her.[1] Reid filed for a U.S. Patent in 1950 while living in Los Angeles, California, for a one-piece bathing suit using elastic fabric and lacked buttons.[2] In 1958, Reid was named Designer of the Year by Sports Illustrated[3] and in 1955 she was named Woman of the Year by the Los Angeles Times.[4]

A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Rose Marie was known in Mormon circles for her proselytizing efforts among the Jewish people, some done in the 1950s in cooperation with LeGrand Richards.[1] She was married to Jack Crossman Reid.


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