Rose of Cimarron (song)

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"Rose of Cimarron" is a song by country rock band Poco from their Rose of Cimarron album, written by original member Rusty Young.


Rusty Young said of the song: "'Rose of Cimarron' is a song I wrote after I picked up a brochure while [Poco] were on tour in Oklahoma in 1973. It told a story of a woman who took in outlaws in the 1800s. She fed them, mended their wounds and sent them on their way. Or so they say. ... [W]hen I played 'Rose' for the band, everyone wanted to make it a Poco record."[1] The lead vocal on "Rose of Cimarron" was by Paul Cotton: in a June 7 2013 interview with Rockin' Rich Lynch of Radio Network, Cotton - whose tenure with Poco would be second only to Rusty Young's - would describe "Rose of Cimarron" as being his favorite Rusty Young composition. Issued as a single, "Rose of Cimarron" charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1976 peaking at #94.


The song was covered by Emmylou Harris on her 1981 album Cimarron.


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