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Rosendo is a Spanish male given name. The name comes from St. Rudesind, San Rosendo, in Spanish (907-977) who was administrating as Bishop of Iria Flavia at the time of Rodrigo Velázquez. Places named after the saint include San Rosendo a town in Chile.

The best known individual with the name today is Rosendo Mercado, known simply as "Rosendo" in Spain, a Spanish singer.

Other people with the name include

  • Rosendo Salvado (1814-1900), Spanish bishop in Australia
  • Rosendo Fernández (es), Spanish painter
  • Rosendo Huguet Peralta (es), Spanish missionary and philosopher
  • Rosendo Mendizábal (es), Argentine musician
  • Rosendo Radilla (es), Mexican politician
  • Rosendo Canto (es), Cuban essayist
  • Rosendo Salazar (es), Mexican writer
  • Rosendo López, after whom a barrio(es) in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina is named
  • Rosendo Hernández, after whom Autódromo Rosendo Hernández (es), Argentina is named