Rosita Espinosa

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Rosita Espinosa
Rosita (comics).jpg
Rosita, as depicted in the comic book series. Art by Charlie Adlard.
The Walking Dead character
Portrayed by Christian Serratos
First appearance Issue #53 (comics)
Created by Robert Kirkman
Tony Moore
Charlie Adlard

Rosita Espinosa is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Christian Serratos in the fourth season of American television series of the same name.

Character background[edit]


In the comics, Rosita is a beautiful young Hispanic woman who serves as a romantic interest for Abraham. Before meeting up with the group Abraham and Eugene were in, she had been offering her body to men in exchange for protection. Throughout the series she gradually develops a greater sense of independence. Rosita remains with the group all the way from Hershel's farm to where they settle in Washingtom at the Alexandria Safe Zone. Whilst there she discovers Abraham has been cheating on her with Holly and they break up. Rosita then moves in with Eugene.

Television series[edit]

In the episode "Inmates", Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene meet survivors Tara and an unconscious Glenn on the road as they escape the ruins of the destroyed prison. In the episode "Claimed", Abraham reveals to Glenn and Tara that Eugene knows what caused the apocalypse, and they are on their way to Washington, D.C. to put an end to the walkers. They get into a brawl when Glenn insists on searching for his wife Maggie, and while Tara and Rosita try to stop the fight, Eugene tries to shoot some walkers with an assault rifle, but winds up rupturing the truck's fuel tank instead. The group eliminates the walker horde, after which Glenn walks back down the road they came from to find Maggie, followed by Tara and then Rosita; Eugene convinces Abraham to go along with them. In the episode "Us", as they walk down the railroad tracks, Glenn comes across a message about Terminus that Maggie had left for him; realizing Maggie is still alive, Glenn sprints forward down the tracks. When Tara's leg is injured by a falling walker, Abraham wants to rest, but Glenn wants to push forward. Rosita scolds Glenn for pushing Tara too hard, when Tara clearly feels indebted to him for her role in the prison attack. They approach a tunnel where Glenn sees another sign from Maggie; Glenn wants to go through the tunnel, but Abraham declares it too dangerous. Abraham leaves Glenn and Tara with two cans of food and a flashlight, and tells them to backtrack to the last road if they have trouble getting through. When Abraham falls asleep in the car, Rosita drives while Eugene navigates; he tricks Rosita into driving to the far side of the tunnel where they run into Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. They all enter the tunnel and save Glenn and Tara from being overwhelmed by walkers. Eugene manages to convince Abraham to go to Terminus with the others, as they might be able to obtain supplies and recruit others at Terminus to come to Washington. They all head to Terminus, where they are greeted by a woman named Mary. In the season finale "A", when Rick, his son Carl, and Michonne and Daryl are locked up a shipping container by the residents of Terminus, it is revealed that Rosita and the rest have all been captured and are being held there as well. Rick declares that the people holding them are "gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out [...] they're screwin' with the wrong people."


Rosita was first announced, along with Eugene and Abraham, in a casting call for Episode 10 back in July under the code-name "Jordana Barrazza".[1] Christian Serratos was cast as Rosita to be a recurring character in the fourth season of the show.[2] Her real name and the actress playing her were confirmed by Hollywood Reporter on September 16, 2013


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