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Ross Payton is a writer, podcaster, layout artist, and movie director who lives and writes in Springfield, Missouri.


Payton has created a number of books and articles, mostly centered around Role Playing Games. This includes D20 material for Louis Porter Games, Goodman Games, and Misfits Studio. More recently, he has penned several settings for Monsters and Other Childish Things, all of which were critically well-received.[by whom?] His current work is Zombies of the World an almanac of zombies complete with tips on how to defeat them.

He will be leading a panel on this topic at Gen Con 2012 and he is producing a webcomic by the same name.[citation needed]


Payton is also a podcaster, for three different shows. His first foray into podcasting was Role Playing Public Radio (RPPR), a podcast covering topics important to role playing enthusiasts. This podcast created a spin-off, RPPR Actual Play, which features recordings of cast members playing various role playing games. Ross is renowned for his love of Faustian deals and regularly places his cast members into damning situations where there are no 'good' choices.

In a departure from strict role playing, Payton also is part of Raillery, a comedic vidcast for which he performs and edits. These shows are not role playing-specific, though some touch on topics familiar to the a similar audience.


Payton also has directed the indie horror send up Motor Home From Hell,[1] worked on the animated short Nothing Can Stop Torg, and created other works. His Oregon Trail 13 won the audience favorite award at the Missouri State Student Media Festival 2008.


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