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Rosy Parlane is an electronic musician from New Zealand, based in London since 2000. He was in the New Zealand trio Thela, then went on a solo career, as well as co-founding the Sigma Editions record label.


In 1992, in Auckland, Rosy Parlane co-founded the avant-garde rock trio Thela. They released two LPs over the years.

In 1996, Thela disbanded. Parlane moved to Melbourne, Australia and began working on solo material. He also worked in the duo Parmentier with fellow Thela ex-member Dion Workman.

In 1998, Parlane and Workman founded the Sigma Editions record label.

In 2000, Parlane moved to London.


Solo albums:

He has also released collaborations with artists such as Mattin, Eddie Prévost, and Fennesz.

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