Turnu Roșu Pass

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Turnu Roşu Pass
Vöröstorony Barabás.jpg
Elevation 352 m (1,155 ft)
Location Romania
Range Southern Carpathians

Turnu Roşu Pass (Romanian: Pasul Turnu Roşu, Hungarian: Vöröstoronyi-szoros, German: Roter-Turm-Pass) is a mountain pass in the Romanian Carpathians, connecting Vâlcea county (Wallachia) and Sibiu county (Transylvania). It is formed by the Olt River flowing southwards from Transylvania to Wallachia through the Southern Carpathians.

Coordinates: 45°32′55″N 24°16′17″E / 45.54861°N 24.27139°E / 45.54861; 24.27139