Rough Cutt

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Rough Cutt
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Heavy metal, Glam metal
Years active 1981–1987, 2000–present (?)
Labels Warner Bros.
Associated acts Ratt, Magic, Vengeance, Giuffria, Orgy, Julien-K, Dead by Sunrise, Jailhouse, Quiet Riot, Dio, Warrior, Jag Wire, Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands, Aerosmith, Magnitude 9
Members Paul Shortino
Dave Alford
Matt Thorr
Chris Hager
Amir Derakh
Past members Jake E. Lee
Craig Goldy
Joey Cristofanilli
Claude Schnell
Parramore McCarty
Jimmy Crespo
J.T. Garrett
Sean McNabb
Jeff Mayer
John Homan

Rough Cutt was an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California in the 1980s. They were based in Los Angeles after signing a recording contract with Warner Brothers. Despite having a roster of musicians who later found greater success in other groups, Rough Cutt never achieved the popular success enjoyed by many other Los Angeles bands of that time.


The first Rough Cutt lineup featured vocalist Paul Shortino, drummer Dave Alford, guitarist Jake E. Lee, keyboardist Claude Schnell, and bassist Joey Cristofanilli. Both Lee and Alford had also previously been in another Los Angeles band, Ratt. Both Schnell and Cristofanilli had previously been in the band Magic.

Two other former Ratt members, guitarist Chris Hager and bassist Matt Thorne a.k.a. Matt Thorr (who replaced Cristofanilli) would also soon join Rough Cutt. After his departure, Cristofanilli temporarily joined Ratt himself, later joining forces with members of the band Sin who went on to release the album Made In Heaven under the name Jag Wire in 1985.

Lee left Rough Cutt in 1982, auditioned for, and was hired briefly by the band Dio, and then replaced the deceased Randy Rhoads as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist. Lee in turn was replaced by Craig Goldy, formerly of the San Diego band Vengeance. Ronnie James Dio greatly influenced the development of the band. Dio's wife Wendy Dio was the group's manager, and Dio himself helped write one of the band's songs. Rough Cutt contributed two tracks, "A Little Kindness" and "Used & Abused", both produced by Dio and featuring Jake E Lee on guitar, to the compilation album "L.A's Hottest Unsigned Bands," issued in 1983. Another Dio-produced track, "Try A Little Harder", with Goldy on guitar featured on the KLOS radio sponsored "Rock to Riches" compilation along with another Wendy Dio project New Haven, released later on in 1983. Goldy soon left the band, and went on to play in Giuffria, and later in Dio's band. Goldy was replaced by Amir Derakh, another San Diego band alumnus.

With the lineup solidified with Shortino, Alford, Derakh, Hager, and Thorne, Rough Cutt was signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1984 and recorded two albums, Rough Cutt produced by Tom Allom, and Wants You! produced by Jack Douglas. The band toured extensively in the United States, Europe and Japan as an opening act for Foreigner, Dio, Krokus and others.

Shortino left in the band in 1987 to replace Kevin DuBrow as singer of Quiet Riot. He was briefly replaced by Parramore McCarty of Warrior before Rough Cutt called it quits. Derakh, Thorne and Alford regrouped with singer Danny Simon, guitarist Michael Raphael and former Zodiac Mindwarp drummer Stephen Landrum, a.k.a. Slam Thunderhide, to form Jailhouse, which released a live EP "Alive in a Mad World" in 1989. Derakh was later guitarist for the nu-metal band Orgy.

Shortino reformed Rough Cutt in 2000 with an all-new lineup that included former Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo, keyboardist J.T Garrett, Shortino's former Quiet Riot bandmate bassist Sean McNabb, and Magnitude 9 drummer John Homan, and recorded an EP Sneak Peak. The album was produced by former Rough Cutt bassist Matt Thorne (produced/engineered; The Eels, Trapt, Ratt, Warrant, Badlands, The Donnas, etc.) [1]. The band planned on recording a studio album entitled Rough Cutt III, but instead shortened its name to simply The Cutt.

The best known line-up of Rough Cutt reformed for a one-off reunion show in October 2002 at the Viper Room in Hollywood with Shortino, Alford, Derakh, Hager, and Thorne performing together one last time.

In 2008, Deadline Records issued the double disc Anthology consisting of pre- and post- Warner Bros. era demos and a live set recorded in Syracuse, New York in 1985.


Mk. 1 (1982-1983)[edit]

  • Paul Shortino: Lead Vocals
  • Dave Alford: Drums and Vocals
  • Jake E. Lee: Guitar
  • Claude Schnell: Keyboards
  • Joey Cristofanilli: Bass

Mk. 2 (1983-1984)[edit]

  • Paul Shortino: Lead Vocals
  • Dave Alford: Drums and Vocals
  • Craig Goldy: Guitar
  • Chris Hager: Guitar
  • Matt Thorr: Bass

Mk. 3 (1984-1987)[edit]

  • Paul Shortino: Lead Vocals
  • Dave Alford: Drums and Vocals
  • Amir Derakh: Guitar
  • Chris Hager: Guitar
  • Matt Thorr: Bass

Mk. 4 (1987)[edit]

  • Parramore McCarty: Lead Vocals
  • Dave Alford: Drums and Vocals
  • Amir Derakh: Guitar
  • Chris Hager: Guitar
  • Matt Thorr: Bass

Mk. 5 (2000)[edit]

  • Paul Shortino: Lead Vocals
  • Jimmy Crespo: Guitar
  • J.T. Garrett: Keyboards
  • Sean McNabb: Bass
  • Bob McBigpipe  : Drums


Studio albums[edit]

Paul Shortino's The Cutt

  • Sacred Place (2002)

Compilation albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]


  • 'Used and Abused (1983)
  • A Little Kindness (1983)
  • Try a Little Harder (1983)


  • Sneak Peek EP (2000)


  • LA's Hottest Unsigned Rock Bands (Backhouse Records, 1983) w/ Jake E Lee on guitar
  • Rock to Riches (Starstream Records, 1983) w/ Craig Goldy on guitar


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