Rough Diamond (TV series)

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For the ITV series starring David Jason, see Diamond Geezer.
Rough Diamond
Starring Conor Mullen
Stanley Townsend
Lorraine Pilkington
Ben Davies
Country of origin United Kingdom & Ireland
No. of episodes 6
Running time Varies
Original channel BBC One in UK
RTÉ in Republic of Ireland
Original release 4 February 2007 – 11 March 2007
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Rough Diamond is a television series co-produced by BBC Northern Ireland and RTÉ. The series also appears on RTÉ One in the Republic of Ireland

The story explores the relationship between discredited racehorse trainer Aidan Doherty and Jonah Price, the son he never knew existed. The first episode begins with Doherty about to sell his run down stables to his neighbour and former employer Charlie Carrick, wealthy owner of the neighbouring Firebrand stables, and move to New South Wales. However, his best laid plans change when a young man appears, later revealed to be his son, Price.

The series is directed by Simon Massey and Dermot Boyd and produced by Peter Norris.


Character Played by Notes
Aidan Doherty Conor Mullen Impoverished racehorse trainer.
Charlie Carrick Stanley Townsend Rich racehorse owner and Aidan's neighbour.
Yolanda Carrick Lorraine Pilkington Glamorous wife of Charlie.
Jonah Price Ben Davies English-raised son of Aidan.
JP Jon Lolis Polish stable boy working for Mr Carrick.
Sheridan Carrick Muireann Bird Daughter of Charlie. Exhasperated at Jonah.
Dermot Cahill Eamon Morrissey Aidan's friend and assistant.
Ray Hogan Garrett Lombard Shady horse dealer.
Brett Hooper Peter Gaynor Aidan's replacement as the Carricks' trainer.

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