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Roush Performance
Industry Automotive
Founded 1995 (1995)
Founders Jack Roush
Key people Jack Roush, Owner
A Roush 402 cubic inch engine built for the Shelby Daytona Coupe

Roush Performance is an automotive company owned and operated by automotive mogul Jack Roush. It was formed in 1995 by Roush to provide engineering from racing to street cars.

Aftermarket parts[edit]

Roush produces aftermarket performance parts for Ford cars and trucks, mainly the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, and the Ford F-150 light duty pickup. These special model vehicles are sold to the public through select Ford dealerships. In addition to the high performance business, Roush supplies propane conversions kit for the F-150, as well as for school busses.

Roush is listed as a vehicle "Manufacturer of Record," in that the company modifies Ford F-150, Ford Focus and Ford Mustangs to the extent that they are considered "Roush" vehicles, and some carry Roush factory warranties (as opposed to Ford warranties).

Upgrade examples[edit]

Modifications to Ford vehicles completed at their Livonia, Michigan factory include upgrades such as suspension, body, interior and engine, depending on the model of Roush vehicle. Perhaps best known of these Roush-modified vehicles is the Ford Mustang, which in 2013 is available in the "RS" (3.7 liter V6, with body kit, stripes, wheels and interior modifications only), "Stage 1" (standard 5.0 liter V8, with body kit, stripes, wheels and interior modifications only), "Stage 2" (standard 5.0 liter V8, with body kit, stripes, wheels, suspension and interior modifications only), and "Stage 3" (body kit, stripes, wheels, suspension, interior, and exhaust modifications, with the addition of an Eaton-supplied TVS-2300 "roots-style" supercharger). The addition of the supercharger to the Ford-supplied 5.0 liter engine on the Stage 3 version results in a horsepower output of 565.

All packages are available in both coupe and convertible models, in either manual or automatic transmission (automatics are special order only).

Roush has been modifying factory-borne Ford Mustangs since 1995 on a limited-run basis, and made several numbered, limited-edition models (the 360R, 427R (2007-2010), 428R (2008), 429R (2009), Speedster, P-51A, P-51B, Blackjack and 5XR (2011).[1] All models are serialized with a unique plaque and other documentation, and are registered with Roush Performance in order to avoid cloning.[2]

The company also provides custom built engines for cars like the Superformance Shelby Daytona Coupe or Brock Coupe as it's also known.

The company has served occasionally as a part-time sponsor for Roush's Craftsman Truck Series teams.

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