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Type Private
Industry Music
Genre Publishing
Founded 2008
Founders Steven Finch
Headquarters Devoran, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Area served Worldwide
Key people Steven Finch
James Bennett
Ian Crossland
John Steppens
Liam Colclough
Alex Lethbridge
Products Digital delivery (music)
Services On-demand music distribution

RouteNote is a digital music distribution service founded in 2008. Designed and built to take advantage of the shift towards independent and self-publication through online and mobile music outlets, RouteNote is partnered with some of the biggest retailers on the web to give artists massive and immediate availability for their tracks.

RouteNote offers musicians and other rights holders the opportunity to place their music into digital retailers such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Google Play, eMusic and others for sale. RouteNote offers two models, a free version and a premium version.

RouteNote's Free option allows artists to sign up and send their music to partners without any upfront fees. The artist receives worldwide distribution, 100% ownership, free UPC and ISRC codes and keeps 85% (originally 90%) of the royalties.

RouteNote's Premium option offers the same service as the free version, but instead of receiving 85% of the net revenues the artist receives 100% of the royalties. The RouteNote Premium option also offers some exclusive opportunities with specialised partners.

RouteNote Referrals is a RouteNote program that is offered to all artist accounts. Artists can refer their friends to RouteNote and receive 2% of the royalties those referral accounts receive. This 2% cut comes directly from the RouteNote percentage and is not taking anything away from the artist.

History and overview[edit]

The company's mission is to provide a service by which unsigned and major artists are equal. RouteNote has gained much media attention, such as Techcrunch,[1] CNet[2] and more.

RouteNote is based in Devoran, UK. Steven Finch is founder and CEO, along with James Bennett (Chieft Technology Officer). In the past six months RouteNote has grown dramatically and according to eMusic releases is the leading digital music distributor in the United Kingdom and one of the leaders in Europe.

RouteNote is currently the only digital music distributor to have no upfront fees and artists keep 85% of the revenues and 100% ownership. Additionally, RouteNote offers free UPC barcodes and ISRC codes to all artists. Artists from all over the world can join RouteNote as they don't have any country restrictions.

In May 2010 RouteNote was in the news for removing as a partner because of their lack of performance. Billboard,[3] Digital Music News[4] and Hypebot[5] all had their say on this matter.

In September 2013 RouteNote announced[6] the addition of new stores (Google Play, Xbox Music, Deezer and Rdio), a vast redesign of their site and the launch of their new referral system.

In July 2014 RouteNote announced[7] the addition of new stores (Wimp and Sony Unlimited), with a huge site facelift and an addition to a YouTube Multi-channel network that is available to all artists using the RouteNote service.

Referral system[edit]

All RouteNote artists are automatically able to refer their friends, family, or even websites to sign up for RouteNote. When you refer someone using your referral information you automatically qualify for 2% of their earnings from all releases under our Free Model. This percentage does not come out of the artist 85% share of the royalties, but from RoutNote's share.


RouteNote provides artists with distribution to 8 online music services, including major ones such as iTunes and Spotify.

Notable Artists[edit]

As well as providing a service for thousands of independent artists, RouteNote is used by many notable artists.

YouTube Network[edit]

RouteNote launched a YouTube Multi-Channel Network in partnership with YouTube. The RouteNote MCN allows RouteNote artists to monetize their YouTube channels and keep 85% of the revenues. In return RouteNote offers a package on monetization help, branding assistance, further promotion and full transparency.


RouteNote's official blog provides indepth information on new music, free music, music reviews, digital music news and more. This is a must follow source for everything from RouteNote partners, artists and friends.


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