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Route 1A marker

Route 1A
Route information
Maintained by MassDOT
Length: 94.40 mi[1][2][3] (151.92 km)
Existed: by 1927 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 1A in Pawtucket, RI
  I‑95 in Attleboro
I‑495 in Wrentham
Providence Highway in Dedham
I‑93 / US 1 / Route 3 in Boston
I‑90 / Mass. Pike in Boston
Route 128 in Beverly
US 1 from Newburyport to Salisbury
North end: NH 1A in Seabrook, NH
Highway system
  • Massachusetts State Highway Routes
US 1 Route C1

Route 1A is a south–north state highway in Massachusetts. It is an alternate route to U.S. 1 with three signed sections and two unsigned sections where the highway is concurrent with its parent. Due to the reconfiguration of tunnel interchanges brought on by the completion of the Big Dig, Route 1A is discontinuous in the downtown Boston area. Vehicles entering Downtown Boston via the Sumner Tunnel must take I-93 north to the exit for Government Center and make a U-turn to access the entrance ramp to I-93 south (which silently carries Route 1A south as well) and vice versa.[4]

Route description[edit]


A short segment of Route 1A, 1.8 miles (2.9 km) in length, in Attleboro runs from U.S. Route 1A at the Rhode Island border through a junction with Interstate 95, before heading north and merging with Route 1. The entire length of this segment is known as Newport Avenue.

North Attleborough to Dedham[edit]

This segment of Route 1A extends roughly north from North Attleborough to Dedham, passing through the towns of Plainville, Wrentham, Norfolk, Walpole, Norwood and Westwood on the way. Prior to its realignment along I-95 and I-93, Route 1 continued north along the Providence Highway towards Boston at the junction of Route 1A and that road.

Boston to Salisbury[edit]

Veterans Memorial Bridge entering Beverly

This segment of Route 1A extends from Boston, Massachusetts to Salisbury, Massachusetts.

The highway starts from US 1 (which is on the Central Artery with I-93 and Route 3) at the former Government Center/Logan Airport interchange. It passes through the Callahan Tunnel (outbound/northbound, no toll) and Sumner Tunnel (inbound/southbound, toll), becoming the East Boston Expressway past Logan Airport. The East Boston Expressway was the first freeway built in the city. Immediately beyond Logan Airport, Interstate 90 ends at Route 1A.

The road continues as a divided highway through Revere. It is a limited access highway through Revere, passing Suffolk Downs and the Wonderland Greyhound Park (which is across the street from the outer terminus of the MBTA's Blue Line), before running through the isolated Point of Pines neighborhood and exiting Revere over the General Edwards Bridge into Lynn. For the first mile and a half in Lynn, it is concurrent with the Lynnway, and is a high-traffic retail area. After the Lynnway portion, the route becomes concurrent with Route 129 for a mile, before crossing into Swampscott as Paradise Road. At Vinnin Square, it passes into Salem as Loring Avenue, passing by Salem State University. The route turns left onto Lafayette Street and is concurrent with Route 114. At the intersection with Derby Street, notable for the large fire station, the route turns right. At the next stop sign, the route turns left onto Hawthorne Boulevard passing Salem Common and the Salem Witch Museum before turning left onto Winter Street. At the end of Winter Street, the route turns right onto Bridge Street crossing the Veterans Memorial Bridge into Beverly. It follows two of the main streets of downtown Beverly, before heading north, passing through Wenham and Hamilton (through this section the road is occasionally signed as a US Route) before becoming the main road through the town of Ipswich, crossing the historic Choate Bridge over the Ipswich River. While in Ipswich, much of the route runs concurrently with Route 133 until just over the town line into Rowley. It passes through the main village of Rowley, as well as the central villages of Newbury. In Newburyport, Massachusetts, it merges with Route 1, signed with its parent highway over the Merrimack River and into the town center of Salisbury. It then heads east from the Salisbury town center before turning north and ending in Salisbury Beach at the New Hampshire border. New Hampshire Route 1A continues north from this point.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[2][3] km Destinations Notes
Bristol Attleboro 0.00 0.00 US 1A south – Pawtucket Continuation into Rhode Island
0.40 0.64 I‑95 – Boston, Providence, RI Exits 2A-B on I-95
1.70 2.74 Route 123 – Attleboro, Brockton, Valley Falls, RI
1.80 2.90 US 1 south Southern terminus of silent concurrency with US 1
See US 1 mileposts 2.4–7.0
North Attleborough 7.10 11.43 US 1 south Northern terminus of silent concurrency with US 1
Norfolk Plainville 8.00 12.87 Route 106 east – Mansfield, West Bridgewater Western end of Route 106
Wrentham 10.60 17.06 I‑495 to I‑95 – Cape Cod, Lowell Exit 15 on I-495
11.40 18.35 Route 121 south – Woonsocket, RI Northern end of Route 121
12.80 20.60 Route 140 – Franklin, Foxboro, Taunton
Norfolk 15.10 24.30 Route 115 – Foxboro, Norfolk, Millis
Walpole 19.70 31.70 Route 27 – Medfield, Sharon, Stoughton
Dedham 27.10 43.61 I-95.svgUS 1.svgMA Route 128.svg Providence Highway to I‑95 / US 1 / Route 128 – Boston, Providence, RI Formerly US 1, south end of silent concurrency with Providence Highway and then US 1
See Route 128 exits 15-12 and I-93 exits 1-24B
Suffolk Boston 47.70 76.77 I‑93 north / US 1 north (Central Artery) / Route 3 north (Storrow Drive) – Government Center Northern terminus of silent concurrency with US 1
Exit 24B on the Central Artery, Northbound exit and southbound entrance
47.70 76.77 Haymarket Square Northbound entrance only
Sumner (southbound) / Callahan (northbound) Tunnels
48.80 78.54 Porter Street – East Boston Northbound exit and southbound entrance
49.00 78.86 Logan Airport Northbound exit and southbound entrance
49.50 79.66 I‑90 / Mass. Pike west – Worcester, Albany East end of I-90, southbound exit and northbound entrance
49.70 79.98 Route 145 north (Bennington Street) – Winthrop, Chelsea Interchange, south end of Route 145
Revere 51.80 83.36 Route 145 Interchange, northbound exit and southbound entrance
52.10 83.85 Route 16 west / Route 60 west – Medford, Cambridge, Arlington, Waltham Eastern end of Routes 16 and 60
Essex Lynn 57.00 91.73 Lynnway east – Nahant, Swampscott
57.20 92.05 Route 129 west – Lynn Southern terminus of concurrency with Route 129
58.30 93.82 Route 129 east – Swampscott, Marblehead Northern terminus of concurrency with Route 129
Salem 61.70 99.30 Route 114 east – Marblehead Southern terminus of concurrency with Route 114
62.60 100.74 Route 114 west Northern terminus of concurrency with Route 114
64.20 103.32 Route 107 south – Lynn, Revere North end of Route 107
Danvers River 64.30 103.48 Essex Bridge
Beverly 64.50 103.80 Route 22 north / Route 127 north South end of Routes 22 and 127
65.40 105.25 Route 62 – Danvers, Beverly Farms
67.00 107.83 Route 97 north – Topsfield South end of Route 97
67.20 108.15 Route 128 – Gloucester, Rockport, Peabody, Boston Exits 20A-B on Route 128
Ipswich 75.20 121.02 Route 133 east – Essex Southern terminus of concurrency with Route 133
Rowley 79.20 127.46 Route 133 west – Georgetown Northern terminus of concurrency with Route 133
Newburyport 87.80 141.30 Route 113 west – West Newbury, Haverhill East end of Route 113
88.10 141.78 US 1 south – Danvers, Boston Southern terminus of concurrency with US 1, southbound exit and northbound entrance
Salisbury 90.10 145.00 US 1 north / Route 110 west – Amesbury, Haverhill, Hampton, NH Northern terminus of concurrency with US 1, east end of Route 110
94.40 151.92 NH 1A north to NH 286 – Hampton Continuation into New Hampshire
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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